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General questions

Each box contains 2 bags of 300 gram and your toppings
The delivery time is 1-4 working days.
Unfortunately this is not possible as we are working with food products that have a limited shelf life. Do you want to try our granola’s? Choose the test box and receive all our granola’s in a small quantity.
No we do not. MyGranolo is only for sale online.
Please send an email to info@mygranolo.com and we will be more than happy to tell you what the possibilities are.
Of course! Please send an email to info@mygranolo.com and we will be more than happy to tell you what the possibilities are.
Thank you for your interest! You can contact us via email on marketing@mygranolo.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

The granola’s

This differs per granola. If you go to 'our granola's' on the website and click on 'nutrition information' you will find the ingredients and nutrition facts for each of our granola.
Our granola's are prepared with maple and agave syrup. These syrups are ‘slow’ (natural) sugars which keep your blood sugar levels stable throughout the day. This in contrast to for example honey, which is used in most granola’s. In addition, we do not use salt in our products but seaweed powder as a substitute. The advantage of seaweed powder is that it tastes salty and contains iodine, an important nutrient that generally is not included in bread substitutes like granola. Finally, our products are 100% vegan as we obtain the crunchiness of our granola’s without using egg white.
Yes, all our granola's are prepared with 100% organic ingredients.
Definitely! We have a professional kitchen in Amsterdam where our own people prepare your granola’s
We make healthy granola's and deliver it as fresh as possible to your home. To achieve this, we use 1) 100% organic ingredients, 2) natural syrups and 3) no (artificial) additives to extend the shelf life of products. In addition, we do not use egg-white to make our granola's crunchy, but use a longer baking time instead. If you compare our granola's with the granola's in the supermarket, you will quickly find that our granola’s have roughly 40-50% less sugar. In addition, the 'long' sugars ensure that you have less need to snack. Per serving of 50 gram, the granola costs €0.91 per portion and is indeed more expensive than the €0.50 per serving you would pay in a supermarket. The real question is, are you prepared to spend an additional €0.40 per day for a fresh and healthy breakfast?
Unfortunately not as all of our granola’s contain nuts.
Not all of them, but we also have a gluten-free granola! Check out our “Healthy” granola, which is gluten-free
We recommend to eat the granola within 4-6 weeks. Please check the packaging of your granola for the shelf life. It is important that you keep the granola closed, dry and dark after opening.


Our service is 100 % flexible. So, you can activate, pause or stop your subscription whenever you want to. Simply log in to your profile and click on Pause. From that moment on you will not receive any future deliveries.
This depends on whether you have chosen for a subscription or an one-off box. If you are not sure, please check your account or the confirmation e-mail of your first order. Be aware that our service is 100% flexible. So in case you chose a subscription, but you're not sure if this is something for you, you can always change or pause your subscription.
Yes you can. When you go to “Order now” and choose “Single box”, you will be able to prepare your own box for a single delivery. It is also possible to order a test box if you would like to try our granola’s first.
Of course you can! You can always purchase a single box without activating your subscription.
You can check in your account when your next order is due.
We have a handy calculator that can help you with that on our order page (please see “Order now”)
A MyGranolo subscription is designed to take the edge off. You're the boss. Forget forgetting. You'll never need to think about repeat purchases again. No snags. Our merits: 

Never again without granola.
Receive new granolo whenever you need it.

Always at a discount.
Enjoy lower prices on all products.
Log in to your account. Here you can stop, adjust or pause your subscription.


You can change all your information in your personal MyGranolo account.
You can click on 'forgot password?' when you log in to your account. Follow the steps, and you can change your password. If you need any help, please contact us.
Yes, that is possible! If you log into your account, you can add additional subscriptions and have those delivered to other addresses.
Log in to your account. Here you can stop, adjust or pause your subscription.


You can pay with iDeal (direct debit cards) and creditcard. If you have a subscription, the first payment you have to do yourself. Each subsequent delivery is automatically debited from your bank account.

When accepting the terms and conditions you approved the automatic payment. We will only charge you as long as your subscription is active. If you pause or stop your subscription, we will not charge you until you make any changes to your account.
If you have an active subscription we automatically charge you at the end of each (calendar) month. We will only charge you for the products that were sent to you in this period, so if you changed, paused or stopped your subscription during the period this will be reflected in your bill accordingly.


At least 24.0 cm by 3.2 cm. This is based on the standard size of a mailbox. If your mailbox is smaller, you will receive a message in your mailbox to pick up your delivery at neighbours or the post office.
Firstly, check you spambox ;) If nothing. please contact us and we will check that out for you.
Currently we ship to: The Netherlands
That is so unfortunate! Best thing to do is to check if the name and address the products were shipped to is correct. You can check this in your account. In case it is correct and the shipping time exceeds 5 working days, please give us a call or send us an e-mail. That way we can sort it out for you.