About us

Who are we?

We are Kim Feenstra and Marlous Bos. We met through a mutual friend at a party. The party turned out a bit boring but our click was anything but that. Besides the fact that we could chat comfortably we also shared a similar vision and wanted to do something with it. We have spent a lot of hours (with coffee and sometimes wine) brainstorming with the idea to develop a product that fits our ideals. However, we did not just leave it at talking and can now proudly say that we have put our money where our mouth is.

Our goal is to experience a conscious lifestyle together with you, and reflect on what our beautiful nature has to offer. By eating well, enjoying life together and consciously dealing with our body and environment we feel connected to each other and with you.

Now you may wonder what we have come up with. Just a little bit more patience we will first talk about ourselves as a person.

Marlous Bos

I (Marlous) suddenly got Diabetes type1 in 2015 and had to change my life drastically. The one moment I was a stewardess and the other a diabetic patient. This was quite a slap in my face. I have to inject insulin five times a day and follow a tight eating schedule in combination with raising 2 children. Due to my illness I had to quit my job as a stewardess, which I enjoyed so much. Sitting at home was not really something for me, and I suddenly had many free hours. Because I had to change my diet, I started educating myself on how to best deal with my new situation. One thing was for sure, I had to cook differently but I also wanted my food to stay tasty. I started to really appreciate vegan food, and became much more aware of where all our food and ingredients come from.

I (Kim) travel around the world for my work as a model and photographer. I like to eat but as I often make crazy hours and generally eat at irregular times. Because of everything I see happening in the world, I have become much more conscious of what I eat and what it means for people, nature and animals. I try to adapt as best as possible and to develop it into a lifestyle. I am a fan of vegan food and I believe in sustainability. But it must also remain tasty. If it is not, it will be boring and simple, and my life is anything but that. I am always looking for challenges and, like Marlous, I can hardly sit still.

Kim Feenstra

Now, we can tell you more about ourselves and start writing a whole book so that you can almost draw us out later but what it is ultimately about is the product. And we are very proud of that!

Because we both believe that a healthy body is the basis of our lives, we wanted to bring a nutritious and healthy product to the market. Our requirements were (still) that it must be tasty (especially that), vegan, and sustainable. We are both very focused on our food and the most important meal of the day is breakfast. As soon as we (here we speak for all people) have a nutritious breakfast, there is enough energy to keep us going in our lives. Here MyGranolo originated. We make the most delicious and crunchiest granola there is, using natural long-acting sugars that are better for everyone than added sugars. And you know what our trick is, freezing the granola after it comes out of the oven. The bags are immediately filled and sent. And of course, all of our products are 100% vegan, prepared solely on the basis of organic ingredients and shipped in sustainable packages.

Marlous Bos en Kim Feenstra

We will ship the granola to your home as efficiently and freshly as possible through your mailbox. That is what we stand for. To make your life a little less busy, we have come up with a way that you always have MyGranolo at home. You can take out a subscription and have our handy calculator calculate your MyGranolo needs.

To make it more personal, you can give your own twist to your granola and choose your own extra’s. We believe that your own taste is always the tastiest!

You can also order a test box first so that you can get to know our tastes.

Because we want to be as transparent as possible to you, we like to give you a glimpse into our lives by writing blogs and posting vlogs. We will also immerse you with delicious (Really!) Recipes that you can make with MyGranolo. We also like to be inspired by you, so if you have any comments or a mega cool idea for a new recipe or new taste let us know in our Granolo and friends box: friends@mygranolo.com and sign up immediately to receive our newsletters if you want to stay informed of all our developments.

We hope that we have aroused your interest and that you will use all the goodies we can offer you.

Love Kim and Marlous.

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